Kids’ Craft Club with Present Mill

With the summer holidays approaching, I thought I share some these brilliant Present Mill Craft Club tins, perfect for rainy days (there’s bound to be a few!!) and when the kids need something a little more focused to do.

Present Mill Craft Club Present Mill - sewing toy kids

Erin has been roadtesting these Sew Me Up tins and is in love with them! The tins come with everything you need (soft toy, stuffing, plastic needle and thread) to make your own little mate – Erin has been using the tins afterwards as little beds for them too! 

Present Mill - sewing toy kids

The Floral Bunny one is just adorable and the first one we tried. It was Erin’s first attempt at hand-sewing so once she had stuffed the toy herself, I helped her to thread the needle and start the sewing up process but she excitedly took over and only needed help doing the knot at the end. 

George the Giraffe (who was swiftly renamed Gerald for some reason!) is just as cute and the perfect school holiday activity for boys and girls of any age. All children will love the sense of achievement and making their very own toy!

Present Mill - sewing toy kids

Present Mill also have lots of other brilliant half term craft activities such as building a microscope or a dinosaur modelling kit so pop over and find something your little one will love.

Present Mill - sewing toy kids

**These items were gifted for promotional purposes but, as always, all views are our own. 


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