Early Years Fun Subscription Box: A Review

We love a subscription box in this house and the Early Years Fun one is, by far, the one most full to the brim of goodies. Inside the box is a set of instructions for 10 activities, with a paper bag for each one, with all the bits and pieces you need.

Both Erin and Rory loved all of the activities, from the new story book they received, to the craft activities and everything in between. I was so impressed that even glue sticks, toy cars and paint were included… all I had to do was find a big plastic tub for the messy activities! The pictures speak for themselves; they had SO much fun. Erin loved wheeling the tractor through the porridge oats and we did a fun science experiment, seeing how the toy cars moved differently in jelly from water.

And as you can see, Erin got a bit carried away with the paint, when she was making the tracks! But hey, it’s modern art.

As you might have guessed, each box is themed and we opted for the ‘Things That Move…’ one as I knew both kids would be interested in this. They were so excited opening each of the activity bags and we spread them out over a week or so, so it kept them entertained for ages! I also love that on the instructions page there is also an explanation as to what your child learns from each activity.

Not only did this subscription box provide hours of activities for my 4 year old and 1 year old, it has also inspired me to use other things around the house to set up activities for them. I’ll definitely be investing in more of these for Erin and Rory as they’re such great value. Use the code BG05LW to get £5 off your box at Early Years Fun and let me know which box you choose!

**Subcription box gifted for review purposes but all views are our own!


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