8 Tips for Beach Visits with Kids

As many of you will know, we recently moved to the Essex coast and loving living so close to the beach. Whether its early morning strolls, on an after dinner paddle, we visit at least a couple of times a week to get some fresh air and give the kids a runabout. During our seaside … Continue reading 8 Tips for Beach Visits with Kids


Peppa Pig’s Big Red Car

I'm sure these characters need absolutely no introduction - if you've been anywhere near a preschool in the last decade, you will almost certainly be familiar with this family of pigs! Peppa Pig toys are the first Rory goes for at playgroup, so I knew he would absolutely love Peppa's Big Red Car when it … Continue reading Peppa Pig’s Big Red Car

Kids’ Craft Club with Present Mill

With the summer holidays approaching, I thought I share some these brilliant Present Mill Craft Club tins, perfect for rainy days (there's bound to be a few!!) and when the kids need something a little more focused to do. Erin has been roadtesting these Sew Me Up tins and is in love with them! The tins … Continue reading Kids’ Craft Club with Present Mill

Disney’s The Lion King Toys are Here!

Is there anyone that doesn’t love Disney's The Lion King? I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve watched and cry when Mufasa dies EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Don’t pretend you don’t as well. The soundtrack is just brilliant too - it’s all massively nostalgic for me and I can’t wait for the new version … Continue reading Disney’s The Lion King Toys are Here!

The Best Jackets for Summer to Autumn

Stop right now, thank you very much - I’ve only gone and found my new favourite clothing brand. Lighthouse Clothing, designed in Belfast,  is just perfect for coastal living and although we’re in the height of summer, it won’t be long before we’ll be needing jackets back on, ready for the school run. With that … Continue reading The Best Jackets for Summer to Autumn

Macdonald Alveston Manor: A Review

Last weekend, we spent a rare, childfree night at the Macdonald Alveston Manor Hotel. Our first impressions were great - the building is just beautifully grand from the front, the reception staff were friendly and helpful and traditional interior was adorned with stained glass windows and wooden beams.  However, while on our way to our … Continue reading Macdonald Alveston Manor: A Review